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JSC ”Kvalitetas” having started its activities as expert of ISO 9001 standard, now covers ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, SA 8000, ISO 26000, BRC, IFC, GMP and EPAS, EFQM models as well. The company provides a wide range of integrated services that could be a matter of interest in order to optimize customers’ performance at most.

The last year significant steps have been taken in order to turn to the ”soft” part of the customers operations. Standards have become flexible, comfortable and emotionally attractive. Now it is more of a complex management system, which brings ”hard” and ”soft” components of the organization into a perfect harmony within a clear vision of where and how the company goes to. The final result of the services provided is what mission of Kvalitetas reflects – a quality of life. It applies to the inner and outside environment of customers both during the project and afterwards.
17 years (since 1997) of hard work, expanded products’ portfolio and increasing number of customers all through the Lithuanian market have lead to a steady growth of the company – 2.5 times per year (over the past 3 years). 
Though Kvalitetas occupies position of the leading consulting services provider for the institutions of higher education in Lithuania, the customers’ portfolio is diversified. Both public and private sectors have a solid presence. 
Having diversified its activities in Lithuanian market, the company turned to non-domestic markets. Now it is open for the proposals on any kind of cooperation within the scope of expertise. 
For more information please contact the owner of the company Dr. sc. soc. Dalius Serafinas (e-mail: ).

We were born to be happy

Dalius Serafinas

Quality does not need an image, it is organization‘s & its product’s image that needs quality

Juozas Ruzevičius